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Vincent Maloney - President

Patriot Pipeline Safety, Corp.

Established in 2013, Patriot Pipeline Safety, Corp. has focused on supporting a safer pipeline industry. President Vincent Maloney has done this by creating online training specific to the pipeline industry and consulting on many notable pipeline construction projects. He also founded the Pipeline Industry Fundamentals course in 2020 and has been instrumental in changing the landscape for pipeline security and damage prevention. Patriot is considered one of the leading expert companies in addressing right-of-way hazard assessments for both pipeline operators and contractors in the United States. Vincent focuses on providing help to the critical infrastructure security and damage prevention sectors to all parties intrusted in bettering their programs internally. His unique knowledge of both pipeline construction and operations coupled with his outgoing personality has resulted in Maloney doing extensive work for nationally recognized companies such as Enbridge, Precision Pipeline, Minnesota Limited, and Oneok Partners. In addition, Maloney has also collaborated with organizations such as Kinder Morgan, Julie 811, School of Humans, Planet Underground, and National Excavator Initiative to promote and support pipeline education, security, and damage prevention.

Maloney started in the pipeline operations side with Midwestern Gas Transmission before pursuing a career in the pipeline construction industry with Minnesota Limited in 2012. He founded Patriot Pipeline Safety, Corp. and grew the company into one of the leading resources for pipeline safety and industry related damage prevention innovations. Today Maloney prides himself on developing and offering technical training and consulting services for the pipeline industry as a way to give back to a busy industry with new professionals today. Vincent Maloney continues to enjoy being on pipeline right-of-ways helping solve complex challenges related to security vulnerabilities, congestion and unknown utilities with his fellow coworkers. He resides in Northern Illinois.


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