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Patriot Pipeline Safety was born from the challenges seen on pipeline right-of-ways today. The material was developed to solely concentrate on the specific practices and hazards associated with a working pipeline construction project and pipelines currently in operation. The pipeline construction industry involves many practices that are unique and not seen elsewhere in other construction trades. The quality of construction can effect the integrity and operation of the pipeline throughout its intended life span. Patriot brings those specific practices and challenges to light and provides training to new and existing employees for the betterment of all for increased awareness and effectiveness to the industry. The company was developed from hands on experience in the field. Respected professional input and feedback was used from superintendents, project managers, foremen, multi skilled technicians, and hands who have worked our nation’s right-of-ways for years. We do not specialize in any other type of industry other than the oil and gas industry.


Patriot is designed to help strengthen the knowledge in new pipeline professionals through better training and consulting specific to pipelines. We provide coaching in both field and classroom settings to help build the skills needed for a stronger, more educated employee in the field. This makes for a safer and more efficient pipeline under construction or in operation. We rely on experience and good communication to overcome challenges to achieving zero safety related incidents. Pipeline right-of-ways are not perfect and require a good understanding of the construction and operation characteristics to address today's challenges. Patriot provides a quality employee who has worked for the contractor and client in order to approach the needs of multiple companies in a positive and pro active manner. We pay attention to concerns brought forth from the field and deliver solutions.


 Today's challenges on projects simply cannot be addressed and solved properly from behind a desk. That's why you'll find us in the field and on the right-of-ways providing respectful hands on coaching and consulting where it counts. We want to work WITH YOU to tackle areas of improvement and help create realistic goals for realistic conditions.

Our goal is to help provide a more experienced employee to the field. Patriot can help bridge the gap between generations of experience and strengthen tomorrow’s pipeliner. We aim to make our nation’s pipeline right-of-ways safer, cost efficient, and strengthen our industry as a whole.

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