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Confined Space Awareness

Have you ever experienced a jammed P.I.G. or hit a rock in a road bore? This training uses the OSHA criteria and builds on the good framework offered with industry related best practices for realistic scenarios. Help your crews prepare by better educating them on the hazards associated with Confined Spaces. Let us provide the training or refresher course to educate your crews and teams on the hazards experienced in our industry. A certificate of completion is offered with this training.

CPR, AED, and First Aid

A training needed more than ever in mainline construction. As we cross more open plains, the need to prepare for the worst exist more than ever. This class provides training that may save a life. Be prepared when disaster strikes. Strengthen the safety and training of your crew with this must have American Red Cross training. A prepared Spread is a safer Spread. A certificate and / or proof of training is offered with this course. Endorsement options are American Red Cross & Basic Plus.

D.O.T. Flagger/Spotter Training

Have overhead power contacts and traffic challenges plagued your project? Let us provide a training developed from field trial and error. Overhead power is challenging to work with on Right-of-Ways under construction for many reasons. We can help with a classroom and field discussion training easily incorporated into any orientation or tailgate meeting. We also offer an extensive training to illustrate exactly what will be seen in the field. We share the known best practices being used with gas companies and pipeline contractors to help address a challenge we face in rural and populated areas. A certificate of completion is offered with this training.

Damage Prevention

Damage Prevention is a process that involves clear established communication. Preventing damages to underground and overhead utilities is a shared responsibility by all parties including the contractor, 3rd party inspection service, and the utility owner. Damage to overhead and underground utilities can affect important services delivered to surrounding communities by those facilities. Any utility damage can result in a loss of service, tarnished reputation, damaged public trust, and even death.

Let us share with you our field learnings. This is a detailed training of lessons learned and implemented today regarding underground utilities and overhead power, a must have for Green Hands, Foremen, and inspection staff. We breakdown multiple scenarios seen in todays congested work areas This class will discuss coming technology, knowledge needed in the field, and best practices to identify underground utilities. Class involves an industry specific PowerPoint presentation that is designed to engage workers in discussions to apply the best learnings and field practices possible. Help them identify the difficult. Prepare them to assess, identify, and respond.

We share the importance of local 811 programs and the need for a Common Ground Alliance. Training curriculum will involve best practices developed with industry leading contractors and gas and oil companies that have been proved to work by us in the field. We break down the pros and cons to today’s Damage Prevention and Ground Disturbance programs while sharing industry insides to safer digging practices. Class includes a comprehension quiz that covers both overhead power and underground utility hazards. A certificate of completion will be available to employees who complete this training.

This training is geared toward pipeline infrastructure and was developed from the right-of-way.

Field Consulting

We are pleased to offer a professional who has experience on a right-of-way. We provide a trained safety professional who brings a technical background and a positive attitude to work WITH you. We understand the challenges on right-of-ways and provide safe solutions to address those challenges. We follow all client ESH policies and procedures and represent our client with fact, confidence, and experience. We share past experiences to address congested areas, bell hole integrity, digging around hot lines, HDD pulls, Tie In hazards, Lower In hazards, and much more. We have served in the field. We have stood in the bell holes and were fortunate to learn from some of the best and most experienced Pipeliners in the industry. Let us help you.

Luncheons & Seminars

Are you planning a Common Ground Alliance gathering? Do you participate in annual 811 meetings? We are interested! We invest a lot of time keeping up with best practices seen in the industry today. We have dedicated our company to safer digging and promote all dig safe programs. Please let us know if we can help spread the message. Rather it’s informing Emergency Responders, Public Officials, or surrounding public, we can offer any one of our trainings or design one to fit the needs of the audience in fine detail. The presenter is well trained in public speaking and engaging the audience to increase participation. We are and have always been big supporters of 811. The need for these safe dig programs is greater than ever!

Operator Qualification (OQ) Training

As a qualified Evaluator (NCCER &Veriforce), Patriot can help your company assess the knowledge of your employees. We provide needed Operator Qualification training in a cost effective and efficient manner to assist your time schedules and crew performance. We work closely with your company and employees to assure compliance is met for today’s oil and gas companies.

OSHA 10 & 30 Construction: (Pipeline Specific)

This training incorporates the framework of OSHA criteria with a specific concentration on pipeline operations and construction. Both the 10 & 30 hr. classes involve the OSHA essentials along with information specific to the required learnings straight from the right-of-ways in operation and under construction today. We pair the OSHA knowledge to the pipeline industry and teach you how to apply it where it counts. An OSHA card is issued to each participant who completes this course.

PEC SafeLand

Developed to provide a consistent orientation for the oil and gas industry. This is a basic safety introduction that will take approximately 8 – 10 hours. The training will provide needed education for employee’s new and experienced to a construction environment. Proof of attendance and certification will be made available following the passing of the course.

Pipeline Construction 101

A first of a kind training. Built from the right-of-way to address today’s challenges experienced on Right-of-Ways. This training is the first attempt ever to capture the specific working practices and associated hazards of mainline construction. Designed for both the new and experienced employee. This class was built with industry professional experience from industry leaders across the country and is said to be today’s missing link in training for employees working on pipeline right-of-ways under construction. A certificate of completion along with a hardhat sticker will be given to those who pass as proof of completion.

Pipeline Security and Surveillance

The pipeline infrastructures we build and maintain have gained attention over the past decade. So how do address it and what do you look for? Let us provide some industry practices that are gaining more and more attention. We will help you identify your weaknesses in a system currently in operation. We can also help you identify risk associated with project resistance and provide safe approach methods to maintain the social status and well-earned trustworthy relationships gained with the effected public. This is a training growing in demand that helps address protesters, suspicious behavior, infrastructure vulnerabilities overlooked by aircraft surveillance, and how to work with it and address it safely.

Today’s risks are very great involving pipeline infrastructure. Physical attacks range from SCADA breaches to IED’s in the field. We assist and provide guidance with collaborative on the ground inspection service for your pipeline. We will help you address hazards and risks associated with weather impacts, disgruntled employees, site security, resistance organizations, and terrorist activities. We will further help you understand these risks, what to look for, and how to prevent them. This service is by contract and is best conducted as a tour of the entire system to build strong learnings and attention to vulnerable areas unknown. We have experienced violent resistance groups, disgruntled land owners, and threats to pipeline infrastructure first hand. Let us help you develop a better understanding of today’s threats both manmade and natural.

This training will also touch on a new practice of surveillance related to unmanned aircraft (Drones) and their benefits for pipeline surveillance. The use of drones is highly expected to increase in the oil and gas industry by the end of 2015 where the FAA is scheduled to release needed regulations for use. Patriot plans to be one of the first out of the gate with implementing this popular method of patrol to help pipeline contractors, gas companies, and on and off shore drilling rigs enhance their inspection and project development. The use of this technology is endless when discussing pipeline security, right-of-way surveillance, tank inspection, and well pad/ rig integrity inspections.

Training is innovative and hands on. Material developed for training comes from pipeline construction and operation experience and is best implemented as a joint inspection of the pipeline system.

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