Pipeline Surveillance and Security Training Video


Pipeline Security and Surveillance is a growing area of the oil and gas industry. New preparedness and approaches have stemmed from known projects such as Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL. However, addressing drilling security is just as important for downhole and horizontal directional drilling both onshore and offshore.


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Pipelines Built on Relationships - Patriot Pipeline Safety, Corporation.

There are many false pretenses towards pipeline safety and misleading information provided by the media to attract ratings. The truth is we as a whole society have adopted this type of energy in most of our lives. Without it our society would crumble. If someone drives a combustion vehicle, shops at a grocery store, chooses to have a family, wears glasses, or utilizes a laptop, they are supporting the oil and gas industry every day. Until we as a society and country collaboratively support and adopt alternative energy sources such as renewable energy, we have to secure what we currently have, readily use and need. It is important to secure and properly survey our pipeline infrastructure in order to sustain safe and reliable operations for countless cities, towns, and small communities across the country. All oil and gas companies address their infrastructure security and surveillance in different ways and rightfully so as different systems do have operational difference such as product, terrain, area of operation, and changing risks. As the industry has grown so has the security and surveillance sector. While this is a fact it is still equally important to continuously assess areas of opportunity to maximize innovative thinking through collaboration.

Pipelines tie our shale basins together, fuel our transportation needs, and deliver the comforts many of us have grown to rely on. Opposing parties often bring valid concerns to the table. Concerns that can lead to positive changes when those concerns are well communicated. Violent protest add to opposition between parties that need to communicate in order to reach those shared goals and address new ideas.

This training is intended to help ALL parties better understand the pipeline security and surveillance sector of the oil and gas industry. We hope that it provides brainstorming for bettering tomorrow’s industry and help many people understand its importance. Applying new technologies can change the game of infrastructure security through predictive analytics and efficient driven solutions for safety, security, and environmental stewardship.

We hope you enjoy this FREE training and it helps in any way that can promote improving all safety, environmental, and quality aspects of the industry.

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